Who We Are


It has been my pleasure to serve the clay needs of artists, potters, art instructors, and students for the last 36 years. One of the best parts of my job has been seeing all o the creative and unusual ideas everyone has for working with clay. Now in our 37th year, Flint Hills Clay Works has grown from a small back room operation to serving customers in 10 midwestern states and with a network of 9 distributors.

Retirement has always seems like a far away fuzzy concept, but I now find it approaching rapidly. I am pleased to announce that Flint Hills Clay Works will soon be moving to Lawrence, KS. Bill and Anne Bracker started their business about the same time as Flint Hills Clay Works and we’ve always been close partners in the clay business. The Bracker family now has many years of expertise in clay and are in a position to serve all your needs well, with expert technical assistance, abundant energy, and a greatly expanded product line.

For the immediate time, nothing will change… we will continue to mix your clay right here in Marion and deliver to you the way I always have. We anticipate that very near the end of this year operations will move to Lawrence. We will announce the exact date in advance at a later time to give you a heads up on when that will occur.

Les Byer
Flint Hills Clay Works



I am so excited to announce a huge leap for us. My late husband, Bill, never wanted Bracker’s to mix clay as part of our business model. Les Byer was already doing such a great job and Bill would rather have the friendship instead of the competition. Bill felt so strongly that he made me promise Bracker’s would never mix moist clay.

With the purchase of Flint Hills Clay Works, I’ve kept my promise to Bill. Bracker’s still won’t be mixing clay… technically. I’ve started a separate company called Kansas Clay to manufacture the Flint Hills Clay Works line of clay bodies. I’ve also invited my two daughters, Anne M. and Cindy to be shareholders in Kansas Clay. And I couldn’t forget to include Bracker’s exceptionally talented and knowledgeable repair tech, David Sturm. He will be a vital part of the clay mixing operation as well as a shareholder in the business.

The creation of Kansas Clay, LLC was done in an effort to separate the manufacturing we do from the retail sales and is strictly a legal strategy. Kansas Clay will manufacture and then “sell” the clay to Bracker’s Good Earth Clays to distribute to you. The rest of the details are secret, but they are boring and inconsequential to the way Bracker’s has provided service for over 34 years as well as the clay Les has mixed for 37 years.

Anne W. Bracker
Bracker’s Good Earth Clays and Kansas Clay