The Building Permit application for the new addition has been submitted to the Zoning and Codes department for Douglas County, KS. They will be issuing the Building Permit to us in 2-4 weeks. There is a chance we might get approval to start the foundation work before issuing the full building permit, but it’s up in the air at this point. They have a new computer system that tracks the construction projects in the county, and the staff member I spoke with when I turned in the application was unsure if that was possible with the new software. I’ll give the inspector who will be reviewing our project a few days and then follow up directly with her.

Once we get word we can start the foundation, the concrete footings and floor will be poured and the building materials will be ordered from Morton Buildings, Inc. The roof trusses will be prefabricated at their plant and several trucks will deliver the trusses and the rest of the building materials to the site while the concrete cures. When we built our building in 1998, I remember how exciting it was to watch the delivery of the materials. They came on special trucks – once the truck arrived and was parked, the cab of the truck separated and became a forklift for unloading the trusses. Because the trusses were so wide, two of the special cabs worked in tandem to unload each truss. The drivers were so skilled that it was like watching a pas de deux (ballet duet in which two dancers) with construction equipment. I can’t wait until the materials get delivered this time – I’ll shoot video if I can break away from helping customers in the store.