The company responsible for preparation of the building pad will be starting any day now. Literally.

Any. Day. Now.

I’m so excited about the progress and can’t wait to see the big earthmoving equipment show up!

My next task is to finish the paperwork for the building permit and get that submitted.

~ Anne M.

Shortly after I typed this post, I got in my car (parked on the north side of the building) to take my lunch break. As I drove around the warehouse to the exit on the southern side of the building, I saw a truck and tractor from the company that will be doing the dirt work. They were installing the temporary construction fence that prevents debris from blowing into another property. Work has officially begun in my eyes!

First signs of physical work on property

Looking southwest (south is on the left of this photo). The addition will extend the building 210 feet straight south from the edge of the building you see on the right side of this photo.